Assignment Distributions


Verbs supported: GET

GET: Array of assignments that will be used for auto distribution assigned to the worker.


Element NameTypeDescription
workerIdstringThe ID of the worker.

Response: Workers Assignment Distributions Profile  


Profile: Worker Assignment Distributions

The state representation of Locations within a company.
Element NameTypeDescription
jobIdstringThe job associated with this distribution.
laborassignmentIdstringThe labor assignment associated with this distribution.
valuenumberThe allocation of the assignment distribution (percentage).


  "content": [
            "jobId": "970001557916904",
            "laborAssignmentId": "970001701620607",
            "value": "60"
            "jobId": "970001557916900",
            "laborAssignmentId": "970001557863345",
            "value": "40"