Federal Tax

Endpoint: https://api.paychex.com/workers/{workerId}/federaltax

**This resource is only available for workers who's status is IN_PROGRESS**

Verbs supported: GET & POST & PATCH & DELETE

GET: Federal tax setup for worker.

POST: Add federal tax setup for a worker.

PATCH: Update the federal tax setup for a worker.

DELETE: Remove the federal tax setup for a worker.


Element NameTypeDescription
workerId stringThe id assigned to the worker that workers are being requested for.


GEThttp://api.paychex.com/worker/federaltax/v1Default federal tax profile.
POSThttp://api.paychex.com/worker/federaltax/v1Default federal tax profile.
PATCH-Default federal tax profile.
DELETE-Default federal tax profile.



Profile: Federal Tax

The representational state of the an In-Progress workers federal tax setup.
Element NameTypeDescription
taxIdstringThe ID for the federal tax item.
filingStatusstringFiling status.
multipleJobsbooleanSee federal W-4 instructions.
  • true
  • false
dependentsAmountnumberSee federal W-4 instructions.
otherIncomenumberSee federal W-4 instructions.
deductionsAmountnumberSee federal W-4 instructions.
extraWithholdingAmountnumberAdditional tax you want withheld each pay period.
taxesWithheldbooleanShould federal taxes be withheld.
  • true = Federal taxes withheld
  • false = Federal taxes are NOT withheld. Earnings will be reported to state and federal agencies, and they may need to pay additional taxes when filing their tax returns.
    "taxId": "3520000118851387",
    "filingStatus": "MARRIED_FILING_JOINTLY",
    "multipleJobs": "false",
    "dependentsAmount": "123.45",
    "otherIncome": "23.45",
    "deductionsAmount": "3.45",
    "extraWithholdingAmount": "4.45",
    "taxesWithheld": "true"