Time Off


Verbs supported: GET

GET: Array of time off balance(s) a worker has for each policy type of time off, for that worker. NOTE: This data is only available if the client has the ‘Time Off Accrual’ product (This is not related to the ‘Flex Time’ product which has it’s own dev portal for those API’s).


Element NameTypeDescription
workerIdstringThe ID of the worker.


Profile: Time off

The representational state of a workers time off.
Element NameTypeDescription
policyIdstringThe unique ID assigned to the company policy.
typestringThe policy type the client has assigned at the company level
namestringThe name of the policy the client has assigned at the company level.
balancestringThe current balance for this worker, for the associated policy type.
measurestringType of measurement type to be applied to the balance.


    "metadata": {
        "contentItemCount": 2
    "content": [
            "policyId": "970002308485816",
            "type": "Vacation",
            "name": "Vacation",
            "balance": "40",
            "measure": "HOURS"
            "policyId": "970002308266873",
            "type": "Sick",
            "name": "Sick",
            "balance": "16",
            "measure": "HOURS"