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Our API infrastructure utilizes consistent terminology and labeling

HTTP Verbs

HTTP verbs (methods) provide the action which are used to perform operations on the state of a resource.

HTTP methods are often said to be safe. The invocation of a "safe" method will not change the state or representation of a resource. HTTP methods are also said to be Idempotent. An idempotent method can be called many times on a resource without different outcomes. This statement only applies to the results of the action, not the state of a resource.

The verbs currently used for the Paychex APIs are:

VerbSafeIdempotentTypical ReturnCodes Description
GETYesYes200 (Ok)
404 (Not Found)
Use to retrieve (or read) a resource representation
POSTNoNo200 (Success Create)
404 (Not Found)
Used to create a new resource representation or express a business/domain state change.
DELETENoYes200 (Ok)
404 (Not found)
Used to delete a resource representation
PATCHNoNo200 (Ok)
404 (Not Found)
Used to perform a partial update an existing resource representation