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Our API infrastructure utilizes consistent terminology and labeling

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In this area of the developer center, you may manage your API Program Account. Depending on your access role, different functionality will be available to you.


You can add or remove developers that support your Account.
Note: If your developer admin leaves your company, ensure that developer center administrative responsibilities are transferred. If you forget, we're here to help.

To invite a developer to join your development network:

  1. Select the Invitations.
  2. Enter the developer’s email address and a personalized message. The developer center will deliver the request to the developer.
  3. After your requested developer signs up, they will join your team in the developer center.

To manage a developer from your development network:

  1. Select developers.
  2. Select the developer user from the grid.
  3. Use the action dropdown and select suspend or activate depending on what you would like to accomplish.


Application Management allows you to create, view, and modify applications. This area is also used to request access to a company, also called “Company Linking.”

Create a new Application:

  1. Select New Application.
  2. Complete the information about the application that you would like to build and agree to the terms and conditions. Your application will be created and put into an inactive state, pending approval by the Paychex developer program. Depending on the request, we may need more information. If so, a member of the developer program will contact you.
  3. When you have completed your request, Paychex will send a decision about your application approval to you.

View and Modify existing application:

To edit, disable, or delete an application, use the menu in the application list.

Request Company access "Company Linking"

When a company is ready for your application, you need to request access to that company. Before requesting access, you need the company's ID to confirm that you have a valid connection with the company.

  1. Locate the application that the client wants to use.
  2. Click the API Key to display the Company Access screen.
  3. Within the Company Access screen, enter the company ID and, if you’d like, an optional message.  The companies payroll administrator should have the company ID.  If the administrator does not have the ID, it can be found after logging into Paychex Flex application.

Paychex will review the request. Depending on the request, more information may be required. If so, a member of the API developer program will contact you. After Paychex approves the request, it will be available for a company's access administrator to process it in the Paychex Flex application:

  1. Log in to Paychex Flex.
  2. Navigate to the Company Settings > Other > Connected Applications.
  3. Locate your application in the list and select it. The Access Settings will display the option to set and save the authorization.


You can track usage of your Applications APIs consumption over a period of time.

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You can view and modify your profile.