Certification Change

As of May 1st, Our externally signed certificates (Comodo) will be owned by Sectigo, and they are updating their root signing certificate. This is necessitating us to move all our externally signed certificates over to the new root, and ensure that anything calling these certificates will trust them.

If you run into issues, please follow the following directions to resolve:

1Navigate to the following link to download the new root trusts from Sectigo.

2Within the Sectigo page search for the "crt" and you will see 3 (AddTrust External CA Root, USERTrust RSA CA, & COMODO RSA CA) crt.sh pages. Select the ones you are interested in.

3On the left hand side you will find the Download Certificate PEM link for the certificate.

4The downloaded .crt files is what you will be imported in to the trust store. You will need to import these in to the trust store used by your application to trust the new certificates.

Please contact technical support via the Get Assistance feature if you are still having an issue after following the above directions.