Security Changes

As of October 22nd, 2020 the Paychex API is upgrade to keep our interface healthy and secure. To do so we will need to deprecate existing functionality allowing exchanging Authorization information and Bearer Token though query parameters. The only supported security model after this date will be as followed:

  • Authorization Service will need to be accomplished by using the body of the request to provide the Authorization input.
  • Bearer token will need to be sent within the request’s header.

These concepts are already available within the existing interface so you can make changes if needed prior the date above.

If your application is currently using query parameters for the Authorization call or provide the Bearer Token in the URL you will be required to make a change to keep your application working. Please make the adjustments to your integration prior to this date or your calls will fail.

Please contact technical support via the Get Assistance feature if you are having issues with making these modifications or have questions.