People management

Generate rich employee data

Custom Fields are unique demographic values that can create rich employee data. For example, Birthday. These are set up at Company level and can be edited at worker level from People option in Flex. The custom fields for a worker appear in sub-navigation tab within Profile. Custom Field setup can be achieved from API end as well where users need to setup the Custom Field category and label the custom fields within that category at company level first post which the custom fields will be available at worker level. Custom Field labels and Category labels display as entered by Admin User and these characters cannot be entered : , " in the label. A Custom Field category needs to be created before creating Custom Fields.

Note-There is no complete delete for Custom Fields on the worker level. We can only soft delete i.e., remove the value for the custom field.


  • Adding personalized data through custom fields would provide granular level of data that enhances employee information tracking
  • Custom fields are secure as only the account admins can add the custom fields
  • There are different formats for custom fields such as drop down, binary, numeric, text and date that provide data integrity as the custom field format is pre-defined
  • Custom Fields can be easily setup with the help of custom field endpoints


Step 1

Create a custom field category

at company level

Step 2

Add custom fields with predefined

values under the custom field

category at company level

Step 3

Custom field will be available at

worker level with editable input fields


Relevant APIs used: