Our process for new Paychex partners

Partner with us!

Get started automating solutions for our mutual clients…



       Begin by entering your basic information in our questionnaire.



       Our strategic accounts teams will then evaluate your request and get back to you with further questions for clarity on defining the capabilities of your solution.



       If approved, we will create a Partner application that can be used for creation of your integrated solution.



       Build and test your integration in a sandbox (we will provide to you)



       Demo the solution to our team for final approval and client linking.



       We will create a new partner application for you with your requested verbs/endpoints and give you a key/secret in the production environment.

To quickly link a Paychex client to your app, you can utilize the “Request Client Access” endpoint to have your app pushed to the client’s Paychex Flex UI under Integrated Apps. You will need the client’s valid 8-digit “displayId” for the request.  Successful requests will return a deep link URL which you can send to the client, that URL will navigate them to login to Paychex Flex then to  Integrated Apps, so the client can 'Approve' or 'Deny' your integration!  This can be done 1 client at a time.

As an added option: You can register your production app for a webhook to listen to CLT_ACCESS notifications to be notified as soon as the client has accepted the integration. 


Another way to link Paychex clients your app integration is to go to the support tab, then  “Need Help -Add multiple linked clients to my app" in the drop down menu. A support specialist will be able to assist. This is needed if you wish to add a large list of clients at once.