Our process for Paychex clients



As a client of Paychex, you can create and manage your application used for creating your own integrated solution within Paychex Flex.




If you’re ready to get started, you can jump to 'Create App’ in your Paychex Flex account. If you plan on creating a solution that involves several other client ID’s, it’s a good idea to decide under which client account you want to ‘Manage’ the entire integration on. This is the one that you create the app on and start with (also referred to as a 'Parent' account), then after creation, you can link other 'Child' accounts to this app, as needed! For more details on linking multiple client accounts to your app, check out the video below!


NOTE: You must have permission to manage connected applications. This is available to users that have a role such as a Super Admin or a Security Admin.



       Create an app

Our few simple steps get you up and running within minutes! Just name your app, give it a brief description and choose the access levels to the data you want to share.



       Develop, test and 'Go Live'! 

This portal gives you all the documentation you need to understand our public API’s and to go live! 


Get started now!