API References

Endpoints: https://api.paychex.com/auth/oauth/v2/token

Verbs supported: POST

POST: Request a Bearer token that will be used as an access token when making calls to resources.  The credentials need to be sent within the body of the request.  The returned token will be needed for Authorization when making calls to the other API resources.

Body: grant_type=client_credentials&client_id={client_id}&client_secret={client_secret}


Element NameTypeDescription
client_idstringThe applications API key.
client_secretstringThe applications corresponding secret.
grant_typestringSend "client_credentials".


Element NameTypeDescription
access_tokenstringThe token which will be used for making future calls.
expires_instringNumber of seconds remaining before the token expires.
scopestringThis will always return "oob" (out of band) based on OAuth configuration.
token_typestringThis will always return "Bearer" based on OAuth configuration.


          "access_token": "99f9c30a-8134-4a30-a789-7c7665add41e",
          "token_type": "Bearer",
          "expires_in": 600,
          "scope": "oob"