People management

Keep Paychex updated with your external HR system

When a new hire is on-boarded in an external system, you can create that new employee in Flex. They will be placed as “In progress". The workers will then be pre-populated within Paychex Flex and will require a Flex Administrator to complete the fully available on the Flex platform. Paychex Flex UI will hold most of the validation, rules, and enforced required fields based on the company configuration and product mix. You can leverage the company resources to lookup other attributes that can be assigned to the worker. You can also include a workers communications object within the worker to add items such as email and address. Once generated the IN_PROGRESS worker can have their Communications, Compensation and Federal Taxes POSTed and PATCHed using the generated workerId. You can keep everything in sync by sending future updates that happen from your system of record to Paychex.

Example use case:

  • Feed a new worker into Paychex for your ATS or on-boarding
  • Update Paychex with employee’s demographic, communication and employment changes that happen in a different system


  • Automatically share information from 3rd party HRIS, ATS, or ERP systems to Paychex Flex to enable a quick, smooth and secure flow of data
  • Improves productivity by saving HR professionals from time consuming manual, double data entry
  • Move worker information such as demographics, contact information, and compensation details from an external system into Paychex Flex
  • Maintaining information in one system, minimizing chances of error, data redundancy, and discrepancies in employee data across multiple systems
  • Provides ease of use by having an external source of record with Paychex Flex for accurate payroll processing, employee maintenance, benefits administration, and much more


Step 1

Employee information is added

or updated in an external system.

Step 2

Your solution detects the changes within

external system and auto syncs with

information in Paychex.

Step 3

Admin uses the latest worker

information available in Paychex.


Relevant APIs used: