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What's New:

11.18.2021 | NEW! A new endpoint 'Worker Statuses' has been added, that allows you to retrieve the full list of worker statuses (past, present, and future) to get a full history on that worker. Located on our 'Worker' resource in the ’API' tab. Also coming soon in the next few weeks, we will be adding the capability to POST, PATCH, GET, DELETE, 'reoccurring earnings' on the existing worker pay component endpoints, whereas current we only allow deduction types.

11.16.2020 | **SUPPORT ALERT** - We have a known issue currently where some consumers may see an API-2 error stating that "Your application is not authorized to access the resource”. If this is happening, you can check the header or your calls, to be sure to change from bearer to Bearer in the value. We have a case sensitive issue with this and are working on a fix.

11.12.2020Launch of new Paychex API Developer Center - Welcome to the new Paychex API Developer Center! Please take time to check out the new site with advanced features and Open API documentation. Information on our sandbox, please note! If you are a new consumer and have not yet created an app with us, then the sandbox functionally will be temporarily unavailable to you, as we are working to improve it as part of the new dev portal experience! If you have an immediate need to test your integration or have any questions on this, please contact support . If you are an existing consumer, you can continue to use the sandbox as you do today, as long as your authenticating with

11.12.2020 | Updated Bearer Token size - Starting on this date, our API's will be getting a security boost, which will result in a change in the length of the returned bearer token from an authentication call. To keep things running smoothly with your app make sure your solution can accommodate a much larger bearer token! Depending on what your access settings are for your app, the size of the token can now be up to 4.65KB or 4650 characters, but typically around 2KB or 2000 characters.


Latest Releases:

11.18.2021 | A new endpoint 'Worker Statuses' has been added, to see status history on a worker.

10.09.2020 | Delete Checks in Bulk - For companies with a large amount of workers, we have added the ability to delete unprocessed checks in bulk, should you need to delete they due to failed payrun! More information can be found within the API References.

08.13.2020Custom Fields - We now support custom fields! Create a custom field on a client and add that field value to a worker! More information can be found within the API References

7.10.2020 | Effective Date on Payrates - Added effectivity on payrates. Endpoint: url/workers/{workerId}/compensation/payrates

You can now POST an effectiveDate on a payrate! Request body will have effectiveDate data element. Response body will also have effectiveDate data element. More information can be found within the API References

5.01.2020 | Effectivity on PayComponents - We now have effectivity on the workers payComponents(recurring deductions). You can pull the list and single based on a date and also add/update for a specific date in the body of the request. Basically, we allow you to pull the list and single based on a date and also add/update for a specific date in the body of the request like this:

GET >>> {{url}}/workers/{{workerID}}/paycomponents?asof=2020-01-04T00:00:00Z 
GET >>> {url}}/workers/{{workerID}}/paycomponents/{pcid}?asof=2019-01-18T00:00:00Z

01.16.2020 | In-Progress Worker Federal Tax- Federal tax object updated to align with the new 2020 IRS W-4 form. **This is a breaking change**.

01.16.2020 | Pay Component enhancements - Company and Workers Pay Components have multiple filter options. Company Pay Component has a new code element. Un-Processed checks can have its Pay Components Added, Deleted, and Updated.

07.18.2019 | Worker Time off Balances - Get a workers time off balances.

07.12.2019 | Job Management - Ability to POST and PATCH companies jobs. A GET is available to get details on segmentation company settings.

05.03.2019 | Processed Payroll - Ability to GET processed payroll check details. You will need to have the payroll API product to use this functionality.

03.14.2019 | Payroll: Job Costing and Labor Distribution - Get Company setup for Locations and Labor setups. Get Workers home location, job, and Labor Assignments. Checks to allow block auto distribution, job overrides, labor assignment overrides. More information can be found within the API References.

01.17.2019 | PayPeriod - Get a single pay period. More information can be found within the API References.

12.05.2018 | Payroll (Checks) - New single check endpoint, allowing memoing on a POST, and line dating an earning. More information can be found within the API References.

10.29.2018 | Worker Add - Ability to add (POST) a new worker. More information can be found within the Worker API Reference.

03.29.2018 | Worker Pay Components - The worker pay components will allow you to manage a workers recurring deductions. We have also included some new company level resources that will be needed to manage the workers pay components. More information can be found within the API References.