Developer Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating and Managing Applications

How do I get started?

There are many existing integrations that may be used. Check them out here. If you would like to create your own, check out Our Process.

Can I switch the Account Administrator or add additional people to manage my Connected Apps?

Yes. The Connected Apps management permission is needed. This permission is on Super Admin and Security Admin role. You can also create a custom role and add this permission to it, along with any other permissions to tailor it to your needs.

Where do I manage my apps?

Any user that has access to Company Settings can manage apps. Login to Flex with your normal credentials and go to Company Settings -> Connected Applications.

Can I utilize my current Paychex Flex online user account to create applications?

Yes, if you have access to Company Settings -> Connected Applications option. From there, you can create and manage all your applications.


Testing to Production

How can I test my application?

Paychex offers a Sandbox where clients can play with live test data. Click here for more information.

How is this integration secure?

· HTTPS: Transactions will happen over a secure connection
· OAuth: Using OAuth 2.0 open standard for authorization
· Client provisioning: An application will need to be granted access to a client’s company

What is the process to go Live from Sandbox?

It is actually very simple to go live. Change your application from the sandbox URL,, to the production URL  The application keys and secrets are the same.


API Questions

Why don’t I see any endpoints related to time punch and timecard data?

Paychex Flex clients who use Time & Attendance have access to the stratustime API, a separate API that supports Time & Attendance data.

  • Information on time related API documentation can be found here.
  • If you are the client admin, then you can call Paychex Flex online support at 1-866-933-3185, option 3, option 3

Why can’t I set access for Payroll API’s in Connected Applications?

Work with your Paychex representative to get online payroll added to your account. Once this is added, the Payroll API access settings will be enabled.