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Our API infrastructure utilizes consistent terminology and labeling

Quick Start

Get Setup

Complete the Registration and Application creation steps.


Start your session by getting your bearer token from the Authorization Service using your API key and secret.

Let’s make some calls

In this scenario you would like to make an employee directory from the Payroll information since this is kept up-to-date with the latest information on your employees. This walk through assumes that you have access to these resources and you have a valid authorized session.


Confirm that your application has access to the company of interest and retrieve information about the company by calling the Companies resource. This will provide you collection of companies and links to get to additional related resources for those companies that you have access to. Leveraging the links provided in the returned Companies resource you are able to move on to the next set of steps.


To locate Workers that are associated to a company call the Workers resource using one of the a company's externalID or link to the worker resources that were found in the Companies step.